Co-registration & Sponsoring

If your company wants to reach a wide audience with a limited budget, co-registration and sponsoring are the perfect models.

We generate for you only high quality opt-in leads workable and profitable. Our technology delivers high quality leads with a variety of customization and targeting options.

By targeting users when they are downloading their favorite software, we are able to capture new prospects based on the criteria and segmentation filters that you decide, paving the way to your follow-up sales actions.

Our powerful installer technology is designed to show users sponsored/co-registration offers within the download flow of a software.


We help you get to know your target market, guaranteeing that you only pay for potential customers: users that are genuinely interested in your product or service.


It‘s a quick way to build a qualified database with low cost acquisition. It lets you segment by the target of your potential customers in order to obtain the property leads to start your marketing actions.